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When I was a student at UC Berkeley, I used to ride the bus from campus to downtown Oakland to order spring rolls from the famous French-Vietnamese restaurant, Le Cheval. Today, I make my own. They’re a summertime favorite since … Continue reading

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You’ve probably never had $80 ravioli before, and you’d probably be hard pressed to imagine that such a thing exists. But it does. And where might one find such a ridiculously overpriced food item? Why, in New York, of course. … Continue reading

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Apparently I’m among the last to hear about this very cool traveling outdoor dining event called “Outstanding in the Field,” but I can’t resist a post about it. “Outstanding” beckons “adventurous diners to celebrate food at the source.” Guests are … Continue reading

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Compote is like a soupy jam, only fresher and more intensely flavored. You can make it with just about any fruit but, this time of year, strawberries are best. Compote keeps for several weeks in the fridge, and can be … Continue reading

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There comes a time in every budding young hostess’ life when she must graduate from chex mix to cheese platters. As you approach 30, party planning takes on a whole new meaning and, whether you are planning a six-person dinner … Continue reading

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