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Two years ago, two years seemed like forever. Now it seems as though it passed in a minute. In May of 2008, I began my journey as a graduate student at the San Francisco campus of the Wharton School of … Continue reading

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Did your mom ever pack those Jell-O Pudding Cups in your lunch box when you were a kid?  And wasn’t there something irresistible about plunging a plastic spoon down into that rich, creamy pudding and taking a big, sugary bite?  … Continue reading

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There’s a little known secret about the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Half Moon Bay.  It’s luxurious, yes (everyone knows that) and if the cost of a room there doesn’t make you cringe, it’s worth an overnight trip. But did you … Continue reading

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Just a quick post to wish you a happy Friday and a beautiful weekend. The weather here in the Bay Area is supposed to be spectacular, until Sunday that is, when we’ll have rain and thunderstorms! This is good news … Continue reading

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Spring Tease

Apparently, we’re back in Winter again. Spring was nice, it lasted oh about 12 days. I made a lovely arugula salad and some strawberry shortcake in honor of the warmer weather and I even took a little vacation.

And then, blink! It ended. That was it, folks. Now it’s raining and cold. Easter was… dreary. The heater is on and the cat is napping next to the vent. I haven’t seen the sun in about 36 hours and I’m all bundled up in my down slippers and a big chunky sweater.

Rather than sit by the window and mope while the rain knocks the blossoms off the cherry trees across the street, I thought I ought to do something constructive, like cook. Well really it was that I felt like eating, since I was hibernating and all, so I broke out one of my favorite cold-weather recipes and filled my apartment with the smells of sage, onions, and squash. Continue reading

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