Happy news and a teary good-bye, for a while.

Dearest readers, this post is bittersweet.  I’ve decided to sign off from my blog for a while.  The main reason is without a doubt the happiest of all possible reasons:  As you know, I met someone wonderful about a year ago and, just before we left for a two-week trip to Asia over the holidays, he proposed.  Yes, it’s true, I’m happily and blissfully engaged.  With a wedding in my near future (September!) I know I need to focus on all that planning a wedding entails.

Also, interestingly, I’ve found that as I’ve settled into this new life with my husband-to-be, I’m entertaining and cooking more than ever, but compelled (less than ever) to photograph what I’m making, Tweet my updates, check in on Facebook, or write posts.  All of that social media activity tends to break the flow of what’s really happening, and it has become harder and harder for me to do as I’ve felt more rooted and connected to the real world around me.  (As I write this, I notice that my last Tweet was over a month ago – yikes.)  Someone suggested that I hire a PR assistant to tweet and post for me, but then, what’s the point of that?  It seems so inauthentic and deceitful to my readers, for that matter.  Do other bloggers really do that?  I hope not.

As much as I know I’ll miss my friends in the blogging community, I feel more enriched and more grounded in a broader sense than ever before.  I feel present and happy and appreciative of this special time.

My television pilots and instructional videos continue to float around in the entertainment world, and I hope with all my heart that one of the networks will pick me up someday soon.  Everyone seems to want “big concept” shows like Top Chef and Cake Wars these days, which isn’t really me.  I hope that eventually the trend will shift back to a style of programming that is geared toward an audience that actually wants to learn how to cook.  If it does, and there’s room for me in the lineup, I’ll be ready!

For now, I leave you with a virtual potluck of some favorite recipes that have appeared on this blog over the past three years.  Click on the picture, and you’ll be taken to the recipe in the archives.  I hope this is enough to keep you cooking and happy until I return.

I sign off with the deepest gratitude for the many talented bloggers, producers, photographers and stylists who have inspired me and supported me from the beginning.  We’re not done yet!  I’ll be back as soon as I’m ready, and we’ll dive back in.


open-faced apple pie

brandied cherries

Cherry Tomatoes1

apricot almond tart

chocolate souffle

lentil burger

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One Response to Happy news and a teary good-bye, for a while.

  1. Chef Chuck says:

    Hello Miri, We are so happy for you. It seems you found a comfortable spot in your life. There is nothing more important than your happiness. Patty and I wish you the best and maybe someday we will cook together again. Lets remain friends and when you marry send a photo!!
    Love Chuck and Patty

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